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LU Chih-Yun

LU Chih-Yun is always talking about the fragility of the most beautiful—making the eternal fragile and making the precious disappear. She has been studying the perception of materials to respond to the sense of security that needs to be protected everywhere in life. You Are My 「 」depicts a pair of Chinese quotation marks made of cemented flowers enclosed in a wooden box. The Dividing Line of Time 2 also sees cemented flowers framed by window gratings protecting the perishable flowers underneath. But the flowers are the symbol of the strength of life, and the necessity of attentive care comes from there. 

LU Chih-Yun

The Dividing Line of Time 2, 2015  

Window grating, cement, artificial flowers, brass, stainless steel wire mesh and iron, 86 x 136 x 15 cm 


LU Chih-Yun

You Are My 「 」, 2021  

Cement, wood, paper, glass, dried flowers, acrylic and mirror spray paint, 12 x 40 x 30 cm 


盧之筠 LU Chih-Yun

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