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KUO I-Chen

KUO I-Chen, in love with his own memories, creates works inspired by the intense dialogues with life. The story of Promise 2061: When the year 1986 coincided with the Halley fever, his father excitedly took the whole family on a trip, but at a young age, he was suffering from a toothache the entire time. His father promised that they will see it together next time. Comet Halley is coming again in 2061, but the weight of his father is already as faint as his memory of the toothache. He collects proofs of Comet Halley and places them on an antique dental chair, as if keeping this promise for the future.

KUO I-Chen

Promise 2061, 2015  

1986 stamp of Comet Halley, antique dental chair, antique wooden window frames, steel rack, LED blue light, automotive lighting, 308 x 165 x 104 cm 


郭奕臣 KUO I-Chen

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