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I-Hsuen CHEN

For I-Hsuen CHEN, singing, photographing, and roaming the streets are reflections of his life. He is concerned with the relational aesthetics in the established reality. He once collected a large number of real-estate advertisements and reworked them into a poetry collection. He has also choreographed dances using the postures photographers take when they are hired to work. He is always using “himself” to trigger objectivity. In Triple Takes, he creates a script and invites a dialogue with himself from the past and the future. He invites the viewers to read the script and read the play, entering an immersive role exchange to have a magical conversation with themselves, and also to respond to the creator’s own life reflections. 


I-Hsuen CHEN

Triple Takes, 2021

Single-channel video, script and stool, Dimension variable; color with sound, 11'00'' loop, 5 Ed. + 1 A.P.


陳以軒 I-Hsuen CHEN

00:00 / 01:31


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