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CHIA Chien-Ju

CHIA Chien-Ju has ritually collected scrap objects for a long time, since she believes that objects represent daily behaviors. From hair, lipstick, soap, cigarette butts, plastic bags, clothes, then evolving to spatial behaviors, laundromats, parking lots, and living rooms, her works are mostly an amalgamation of objects presenting the “repetitive everyday”. Day-Dream marks a turning point in her creative format. It uses chiffon and TV footage to present the state of macro behaviors in the daily afternoon of housewives, evoking the smallest relatable commonness in life. 


CHIA Chien-Ju

Day-Dream_Mother's Dream, 2016

Glitter embroidery and thermal copying on chiffon, 82 x 137 cm 



CHIA Chien-Ju

Day-Dream_Grandfather's Dream, 2021  

Red floched on fiberglass and water transfer printing on glasses, 80.5 x 60 x 57.4 cm 


賈茜茹 CHIA Chien-Ju

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