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2021 8.7 - 9.4

》展覽介紹 Introduction

The pandemic reality has limited our physical mobility, but not our imaginative creativity. Anime film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was a box office hit in both Taiwan and Japan as 2020 drew to an end. The obstacles in the real world are fueling our dream to roam in the two-dimensional world, where fantasy is immortal and we can come back to life to fight the bad guys over and over again. Driven by the power of social networks, ACGIT (Animation, Comic, Game, Illustration and Toy) industry continues to evolve and grow. It has organically opened up a fantasy garden after hybridizing with art and aesthetics.


Since ESLITE GALLERY staged Ultra New Visions, a solo exhibition of Japanese artist Hiroyuki MATSUURA, for the first time in 2007, we have been keenly following the aesthetics of anime and manga. In 2021, ESLITE GALLERY intends to explore the boundless possibilities of anime aesthetics. We are inviting young artists empowered with anime and manga DNA from countries in Asia to put on a group exhibition in August in post-COVID Taipei. 


  • Exhibition: Animamix Flux

  • Date: 07 Aug.—04 Sep, 2021

  • Curators: Emily CHAO, Eric LAI, Andy YEN

  • Artists: Abei LIU, ANO9S, CHANG Chia-Ying, Chen-Dao LEE, Cowper WANG, Croter HUNG, Eszter CHEN, Grafflex, Hiroyuki MATSUURA, HORIKOSHI Tatsuhito, Kawo a.k.a Sushijojo, LAOWANG1102, LIAO Yu-An, LIN Jun Liang, Masanori USHIKI, Page TSOU, Pu CHEN, Saitemiss, Sangna Take, Tony SUEZ, U-die, Uncle Tommy, YEH Chang-Ching, Yi-Shuan LEE, Yu Chia CHANG

  • Admission: Free entry on opening day (August 7, 2021); ticket admission from August 10 to September 14, 2021.

  • Admission fees: NTD100 (online); NTD180 (at the door)

  • Ticketing: Animamix Flux Online Booking

  • Address: ESLITE GALLERY∣B1, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (eslite spectrum Songyan Store)

  • Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00, Tuesday – Saturday (closed on Sunday and Monday)






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